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Making it easy for you

By having your website developed by Identify, you can take comfort in knowing that your site has been created to the highest standards of design, coding and functionality.

During the design process, you gain an inside look at your site before it is completed. This gives you a sense of what it will look like when it is done and allows you the chance to request further tweaks & additions.

Only after we have achieved exactly the result you were hoping for, your website goes online. And, if for any reason the site is anything less than what you had hoped for, I will fix it at no additional cost - or refund your money in full.

There is no reason to delay your next website project: contact me today.


Making it easy for you

Additionally, the long term benefits of working with me go far beyond that of a nice looking design.

This is where most web designers drop the ball. A website is never a closed project. The web is always changing, and your company needs someone dedicated to this aspect of your business. For changes you want to your site, continuous improvement, and strategic outcome.


Websites are created utilizing clean coded XHTML & CSS coding. For automating certain tasks, such as dynamic content, additional programming technologies are deployed including, but not limited to: Javascript, PHP, MySQL & XML.


To get started on website development, contact me with a brief description of your company.

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